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Vesuvio Family House

VESUVIO FAMILY HOUSE is a Bed and Breakfast and Guest houses association situated in the area around the Volcano Vesuvio which guarantee outstanding hospitality and a high standard of service.

VESUVIO FAMILY HOUSE is able to satisfy the different needs and the personal tastes offering a high professional standard of its structures “ made to measure for the guests”.

Our B&B, which altogether can accommodate about 50 guests, have recreated “the Roman Otium” from Vesuvius to the sea - a warm welcome, that is able to pamper and suggest, to recommend personal tours and food and wine proposals in typical local restaurants.

They are in an enviable position in the Gulf of Naples, on the slopes of the National Park of Vesuvius, close to the most famous Vesuvian Villas of Miglio d’Oro ; between Portici, with its Royal Palace and the first Italian railway line (Pietrarsa Museum) , Torre del Greco , known all over the world for its corals manufacture, Ercolano, touristic destination for its famous archaeological ruins, and S.Giorgio a Cremano , which hosts important literary and cultural events.

Thanks to the nearby Circumvesuviana railway, motorways and Metrò del Mare hydrofoils, our B&Bs are well connected to the Amalfi Drive, Sorrento Coast and Pompeii, as well as to the historic buildings and old town in Naples and the islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida.

We’re sure you’ll find, in the list of our associated, the structure that will be able to satisfy your demand, VESUVIO FAMILY HOUSE welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay in Naples.


Vesuvio Family House

Fuoco Muorto
Via Croce dei Monti n.22, Ercolano (NA) - Italy
Le Fumarole
Via San Vito, 142 - 80056 Ercolano (Na) - Italy
Villa Ocsia
Via Don Morosino 89, San Giorgio a Cremano (NA) - Italy
Villa Patrizia
Viale delle Mimose, 20 - 80056 Ercolano (Na) - Italy
Villa Quaranta
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 273, 80055 Portici (NA) - Italy
Villa San Gennariello
Via Madonnelle n. 5 80055 - Portici - (NA) - Italy
Bayard Rooms
Via Nuovo Macello, 19 - 80055 Portici (Na) - Italy
RoomsRent Vesuvio
Via Pomilio 9, P.co Vesuvio (Na) - Italy
Miss Emily Vesuvio B&B
Via Achille Grandi 22, San Sebastiano al Vesuvio (Na) - Italy
Domus Felix
Via Marittima 13, 80056 Ercolano (Na) - Italy
B&B Albizzi
Via Croce Monti, 17 - 80056 Ercolano (Na) – Italy
Fiume Di Pietra
Via Osservatorio, 22 - 80056 Ercolano (Na) - Italy
Villa Esmeralda
Via A.Diaz n.84/90, 80055 Portici (NA) - Italy
Art Room
Corso Italia 69, 80056 Ercolano (NA) - Italy
Eco Hostel Floreale
Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 28h 80056 Ercolano (NA) - Italy
B&B Family
Via II Immacolata 7 (III Traversa DX di Via della Libertà), 80055 Portici (Na) - Italy
BeB Savonarola
Via Paladino 6, 80055 Portici (NA) - Italy
BeB Incrocio 14
Via Tironi 14, 80059 Torre del Greco (NA) - Italy
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